To lead the medical community to achieve the highest standards of medical professionalism and ethical conduct
To be an advisory body on health policy to the Sri Lankan government and community


1.Enhance the capacity as an apex professional and scientific organization for all categories of medical doctors as defined in the constitution of the SLMA.
2.Play an advocacy role towards comprehensive curative and preventive health services for the people of  Sri Lanka
3.Promote professionalism, good medical practice and ethical conduct among doctors.
4.Disseminate state-of the art knowledge, clinical practice, technology and emerging concepts in medical sciences among medical and allied health professionals.
5.Provide opportunities for continuous professional development of doctors and allied health professionals.
6.Encourage ethical medical research.
7.Educate the public on health-related issues.
8.Enhancing closer professional and scientific links between medical doctors and allied health professionals.


1.Accountabilityto be responsible in its role as a professional organization
2.Advocacy to be a voice within the medical community to address inequalities in health care
3.Collaboration – to work closely with other professionals and stakeholders to improve the health and wellbeing of society
4.Diversity to actively engage with different professionals, individuals, private and public institution, and corporate entities to achieve desired goals
5.Integrity – to adhere to the highest ethical standards in all its interactions and activities
6.Leadershipto provide leadership and direction to the medical profession and community to achieve quality and affordable healthcare
7.Social responsibility to build mutual trust between and across professions and the public to address societal needs regarding health and wellbeing.