President’s Message

Dear Members,

The Sri Lanka Medical Association is the oldest professional medical association in Asia and Australasia, having been established on the 17th of December 1887.

Our founders deemed it fit to adopt ‘Lankadipassa Kiccesu Ma Pamajii’ (to act without delay for the betterment of our nation) as our motto, fully cognizant of the leadership role the SLMA is expected to play as the leading medical organization in the country representing all grades and all specialties of doctors from both the state as well as the private sectors. This milieu gives the SLMA its greatest asset; diversity within the medical profession, which enables it to capture and represent the widest and broadest possible ideas, views, concerns and expectations of the Sri Lankan medical profession. It is a fact that many generations of members of the SLMA have contributed to preserve, sustain and enrich this uniqueness. Dear member, you should be proud of being a part of this magnificent heritage.

Accountability, advocacy, collaboration, diversity, integrity, leadership and social responsibility are our core values. These enable us to work with the widest possible spectrum of stakeholders, both local and international, to enable us to be the most influential and effective apex medical professional organization in Sri Lanka. This in turn allows the SLMA to lead the medical community to achieve the highest standards of medical professionalism and ethical conduct and to be an advisory body on health policy to the Sri Lankan government and community.

We are entering our 131st year of existence. The health and healthcare scenario and what our patients expect from us as doctors and what we as doctors expect from our national medical association has changed over time. This is of course the way to go. This has necessitated a change in the role of doctors and national medical associations. The SLMA has been able to adapt itself to the changing expectation of its members and thereby be relevant to them over the past 131 years. The challenges we as members of the SLMA face today will be to institute mechanisms to ensure our significance to our future members while preserving our undisputed role as the academic, professional, moral and ethical guardian of the Sri Lankan medical profession. It is in achieving this objective that each and every member of the Sri Lankan medical profession, whether he or she is a member of SLMA or not, has an obligation to become a part of.

The SLMA offers a unique platform to enable every Sri Lankan medical professional, wherever he or she might be, to contribute towards preserving the high standards of the medical profession the world has come to expect from Sri Lankan medical professionals.

It is my fervent hope that all Sri Lankan medical professionals, both at home and overseas, will deem it fit to actively contribute towards achieving the objectives of the SLMA and thereby contribute towards maintaining the highest possible standards of medical practice for our patients at all times.

Dr Ruvaiz Haniffa

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