Dr S Ramachandran Memorial Oration

Dr S Ramachandran Memorial Oration


Dr. Surendra Ramachandran was a brilliant scholar who graduated from the Colombo Medical College with first classes in 2nd MBBS, 3rd MBBS and Final MBBS with 8 disctinctions, 4 medals and the Perry Exhibition Prize. His postgraduate distinctions include many fellowships and other honours. He was a brilliant researcher with diverse research interests ranging from nephrology, infectious diseases and endocrinology to alcoholism. The output of his unwavering commitment to research over 26 years resulted in numerous scientific publications in both national and reputed international journals. He has delivered many prestigious orations in Sri Lanka was instrumental in setting up the first Kidney Unit in the country. He was also a key player in establishing the Medical Intensive Care Unit at the General Hospital Colombo.

He was an outstanding teacher and a fair examiner, who trained undergraduates of the Faculty of Medicine, University of Colombo for over 17 years. Postgraduate students learnt from this esteemed physician through formal prescription and otherwise. He was spoken about in glowing terms and much revered by all his students.

Dr. Ramachandran was elected President of the Sri Lanka Medical Association in 1997 and the Association saw much advancement during his tenure. Extension of the Wijerama House and refurbishment of the existing buildings with setting up of the Lionel Memorial Auditorium was done under his leadership. He also initiated the “Foundation Sessions” in collaboration with the Kandy Society of Medicine. During his career he has held several prestigious posts in other associations including the President of the Ceylon College of Physicians, member of the Sri Lanka Medical Council, member of the board of Study in Medicine in the Postgraduate Institute for Medicine and member of the Board of Management in Colombo Nuclear Medicine Unit.

Dr. Ramachandran was conferred the highest national honours- Deshamanya by the State of Sri Lanka in recognition of his inimitable service to the profession as well as the nation.

Dr. Ramachandran who passed away in September 2010 was a man of outstanding intellect and fine moral values who contributed immensely to medical education, medical research, patient care and medical associations in the country.

Past Orations

2014 – “Accreditation of medical schools (Local and Foreign) in Sri Lanka Issues Concerns and possible solutions”, Vidyajyothi Professor Rezvi Sheriff, MD, FRCP, FRCPE, FRACP, FCCP, FNASSL, FSLCGP, FIMACGP, Senior Professor of Medicine, University of Colombo Councilor – Sri Lanka Medical Council

2013 – “Chronic Kidney Disease of Uncertain Origin in Sri Lanka: The past, present and future” Dr Tilak Abeysekera, MBBS (Colombo), MD (Colombo), MRCP (UK)

2012 – “The metabolic effects of obesity surgery”, Dr. Henry N. Rajaratnam, MD (Ceylon), FRCP (London), Hon. FCCP, Hon. FRACP, Hon. FSLCGP, FACE, Senior Consultant Physician and Endocrinologist