Guidelines for the Management of Snakebite in Hospital – 2017

a. Introduction to the 2017 Revision
b. Epidemiology of Snakebite in Sri Lanka
c. Medically Important snakes in Sri Lanka
d. Management Algorithm
e. Initial Assessment and Envenoming
f. Identification of Snakes – Explanation of Terms
g. Identification of Venomous Snakes in Sri Lanka – Flow Chart
h. More on Identification of Venomous & Non-venomous Snakes – Power Point programme
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i. Venomous Snakes in a Nutshell
j. Antivenom Therapy
k. Antivenom Reactions – Introduction
l. Management of Antivenom Reactions
m. Special Topics

i. Snakebite in Children

ii. Management issues relating to envenoming by specific snakes

a) Cobra
b) Kraits
c) Russell’s viper
d) Saw-scaled viper
e) Hump-nosed pit vipers
f) Green-pit viper
g) Seasnakes

n. Select Bibliography