Details of the Donations
Donation of Medicine to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital

Essential medicines currently in short supply at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital were provided through the SLMA Relief fund at a brief ceremony held at the Sri Lanka Medical Association, on the 10th June 2022.

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Donation of Medical Equipment to Institute of Cardiology NHSL

Dr. Lucian Jayasuriya, past president of SLMA and Mrs. Nirmala Jayasuriya contributed in purchasing of following items to Cath Lab at the Institute of Cardiology NHSL.

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Amount (LKR) 

Bank charges – 2,000/= cheque book charges and  draft realized remittance charges 400x 14                           7,600.00
Purchasing PTCA Balloons                      148,500.00
Purchasing PTCA Balloons                      148,500.00
Radial introducer sheaths                      263,700.00
Purchasing Evitra 250mg 50’s Mfg                      675,720.00
Romsons chest Draniage catheter                      210,000.00
Presidine – Povidone Iodine                         90,800.00
Methylprenisolone Sodium Succinate for Injection USP- Metrite 1gm                      640,000.00
Absorbent Surgical Gauze                      159,500.00
Cell Pack DCL 20L                         45,133.66
Sulfoyser 500ML*3                         50,756.10
Lysercell WDF 2L                         46,575.97
Fluorocell WDF 32 ML*2                      167,851.12
Cellclean auto 4ML*20                         74,005.55
Azthioprin 50MG (BAJAJ)                         20,700.00
Neutrofix (Figrastim 300mcg)                      291,034.66
JOLIDOMIDE 10MG PER CAP (LENAIDOMIDE)                      210,000.00
NEORAL 100MG (NETT)                         48,915.00
NEORAL 25MG (NETT)                         26,344.80
DAPSONE PER TAB (IND)                           5,520.00
HYDROXY UREA 500MG (IND)                         11,040.00
Tacgraf 1mg Capsules 30’s                      694,917.90
KALFOXIM 1G                      599,724.96
IC Tube size 28 X 1,325/=  66,250.00
IC Tube size 32 X 1,325/=
Connode with wheel chair  04x 21,500/=  86,000.00