Details of the Donations
Donation of Medicine to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital

Essential medicines currently in short supply at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital were provided through the SLMA Relief fund at a brief ceremony held at the Sri Lanka Medical Association, on the 10th June 2022.

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Donation of Medical Equipment to Institute of Cardiology NHSL

Dr. Lucian Jayasuriya, past president of SLMA and Mrs. Nirmala Jayasuriya contributed in purchasing of following items to Cath Lab at the Institute of Cardiology NHSL.

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Donation of Medicine to the Lady Ridgeway Hospital

Pre-ordered Cefotaxime 1g 1012 vials which are worth of Rs. 599,724.96 have been received to the SLMA premises and soon they will be dispatched to the LRH. Those responsibilities were handled by Dr. Anula Wijesundara and Dr. Surantha Perera.


Donations to Department of Surgery NHSL

Chest drainage catheters which are worth of Rs. 210,000.00, Aborbent Surgical Gauze which are worth of Rs. 159,500.00 and Povidone Iodine worth of Rs. 90,800.00 has been donated Department of Surgery NHSL. Responsibilities of the catheters and surgical gauze were handled by Prof. Ishan de Zoysa and responsibilities of the Povidone Iodine were handled by Prof. Anuja Abeydeera.

Donations to the Base Hospital Mulleriyawa

Following list of Drugs were donated to the Base Hospital Mulleriyawa through the College of Haematologist.

Cell Pack DCL 20 litres – Rs. 106,155.19
Lysercell WDF 2 litres (Hematology Analyzer Lysing Reagent) – Rs. 48,915.00
Fluorocell WDF 2 of 32ml (for Automated Hematology Analyzers) – Rs. 197,393.74
Azathioprine 50mg 20 packs – Rs. 18,000.00
Filgrastim 300mcg 53 vials – Rs. 291,034.66
Lenalidomide 10mg 300 capsules – Rs. 210,000.00
Cyclosporine 100mg 60 capsules – Rs. 48,915.00
Cyclosporine 25mg 120 capsules – Rs. 26,344.80
Dapsone 1500 tablets – Rs. 5,520.00
Hydroxy Urea 500mg 120 tablets – Rs. 11,040.00

Altogether, Rs. 963,318.39 worth of medical items has been donated to BH Mulleriyawa.