SLMA Expert Committee on Snakebite

SLMA Expert Committee on Snakebite

To be the Advisory Body to the Ministry of Health on all issues related to snakebite.


  1. To develop a central database for snakebite in association with the Medical Statistics Unit of the Ministry of Health.
  2. To reduce deaths from snake bite by
    1. Educating doctors and nurses on correct treatment and management of snakebite;
    2. Educating the public on prevention of snakebite and first aid;
    3. Establishing and maintaining a Hotline to offer advice to clinicians faced with treatment and management dilemmas following snake bite.
  3. To promote and facilitate research on snake bite, its treatment and management.
  4. To periodically update doctors and interested scientists on developments regarding snakes, snakebites, treatment, management of snakebite and research.
  5. To undertake all such other activities necessary to achieve the Aim.

Programme for 2015:

  1. Snakes, Snakebite and Management: An Update: To proceed with a comprehensive publication to replace the special issue of the CMJ that was published 30 years ago. Hopefully this can be done as a special issue of the CMJ.
  2. eIMMR: To continue liaising with the Medical Statistics Department of the MoH to get this off the ground and start collecting epidemiological information.
  3. To maintain Guidelines publications: and supply CDs as required.
  4. Snakebite Prevention and First Aid: to print the revised texts and distribute widely amongst the public.