Her fascination with Sam was borderline fanatical

R261-she swears you to definitely Sam is but one she wants to as the the lady partner (which i assume demonstrates to you the complete Lindsay Ronson topic. She is complete one to for some time). Sam does indeed love Lindsay, not in the same manner you to Lindsay do..but, Lindsay is melodramatic and also a total obsessive identity. She has OCD.

r262: will they be caring independently? And does Sam has actually an identification? She generally seems to always have a blank look in the her.

Impress. So what exactly is altered over the past few months? As to the reasons actually she seeking mask its relarionship more? Many thanks for the info! 🙂

263, Sam is sort of hushed, provides a fantastic identification. She do seem extremely empty in those pap video clips, she isn’t always attract in that way also it tends to make their uncomfortable, she cannot know very well what to state. Sweet sense of humor. The woman is very well enjoyed in her network. She reminds me just a bit of Shane regarding L Word, actually.

He is most caring, Lindsay more so than just Sam, however, Sam is much more of one’s stand-from sort of, Lindsay is obviously extremely physical, even after their platonic loved ones. This woman is a lot of romantic.


Sure, Sam really does come from currency, even when I’m not sure when it is three hundred billion. I’m sure the money is inspired by their mother’s region of the family relations, I do believe their dad did from the music industry (music producer? I don’t know..).

Btw, she likewise has a sis and you may a twin sister. Her aunt Draw (he is avove the age of their) is additionally on the market and her aunt Charlotte (in reality, which is Sam’s twin) is actually a developer.

This happens for hours with straights, so why could it be so hard to believe to own a gay/bisexual chick?

I do not envision you really learn him or her. I believe you may be a fraud and are generally merely getting the details of Wiki and other sites who may have info about them.

Really don’t imagine you actually learn them. I do believe you’re a fraud and therefore are only getting your info out-of Wiki or other internet sites who’s information on her or him.

hey 271, believe what you want to faith. I have understood Lindsay consistently, back to brand new clubbing months (I’m early in the day you to definitely now). As for wiki, I’ve never ever actually viewed pages having Lindsay or Sam.

btw, Lindsay is back toward facebook, but difficult to find (secret reputation below a totally other label and you may photographs, sorry, I might let you know the hyperlink). She’s got come making msgs toward Sam’s webpage (and this is individual) claiming things like “I adore your my carebear”. Several arbitrary lady kept statements into the Sam’s page saying something including “you’re thus sexy” and you can Lindsay will then get off an effective msg stating “you would top view yourself” and so on. An envious that, this woman is.

This happens for hours on end having straights, so why would it be so very hard to trust to have a gay/bisexual chick?

whenever performed she first hook up with sam? once the she is had an abundance of dating which have boys like calum, as well as the rehabilitation kid while the italian dudes thus she can not come into like together for very long.

Just what freaked myself from very towards web site is one to that they had human being lover fictional regarding the two of him or her upwards for a short time. And, I’d hate to possess my personal private messages so you can some one bequeath within fields. I’d getting a good paranoid wreck if i was in fact within the level of scrutiny Lohan try.

This happens all day long having straights, so why is it so hard to believe for a gay/bisexual chick?

since the this woman is got an abundance of relationship which have guys such as calum, together with treatment boy together with italian guys therefore she cannot can be found in love with her for long.

Come on, anybody, do not be unsuspecting. A lot of was Pr and also when the each of her or him had been genuine, simply because you are matchmaking/asleep that have anybody else doesn’t mean their center has been her or him. Many people usually run away from their thoughts and you may go out others if you’re being in love that have other people.