Keeping much time relationship try a major problem for all of one’s characters in the Cowboy Bebop

Ed is actually an adolescent woman exactly who entered Bebop and on the series new editors let you know their failure to keep up offered relationship. Ed was remaining in an orphanage in the an early age from the her father and you may subsequently this lady has come a good drifter. New Bebop team ultimately finds out Ed’s old orphanage additionally the lady in charge whenever describing Ed, titled the woman good drifter and you may proclaiming that over time Ed constantly actually leaves and you will moves on. Ed doesn’t want to get connected also some one and you may making is actually the trusted course of action. For the, “Share with Em (Lies)“, More youthful Thug starts off this new track toward range “I’ma pull up consume with this pu**y and you can drop”. Of a lot carry out consider this range because the simply typical hip hop braggadocio, but In my opinion More youthful Thug are posting comments into his insufficient ability when it comes to development dating past intimacy. Younger Thug comparable to Rich Homie, Faye and you will Ed does not trust someone. For the, “730? Younger Thug claims, “What you emerge orally is a fairy, zero tooth”menting toward decreased folks who are honest which have your, usually experiencing anyone given that actual because enamel fairy.

Once the matchmaking starts delivering significant, he dips, Young Thug is not prepared to manage the brand new demands regarding a great relationships

By the end regarding Cowboy Bebop Ed, Ein and Faye leave brand new Bebop crew to accomplish its private objectives. Squirt and you can Spike discover mention left by Ed proclaiming that she and you will Ein had left, and look at one another with the knowledge that once again he could be alone. They look in the space, as it is quiet and when once more the fresh dining room table was simply in for a couple of. They in the long run had a team of those who they enjoyed and you can identical to which they have been gone, again they sensed loneliness. Rich Homie Quan yearns to quit feeling lonely, the guy conveys that it towards the, “Freestyle“. To your tune Steeped Homie is able to visit courtroom over his child and he claims, “You should never worry what her or him white visitors say I just like to look for my little boy”. That’s most of the Rich Homie Quan desires, is for your getting permitted to look for their guy. He doesn’t want so you can abandon his guy such as for instance Ed’s dad during the Cowboy Bebop. Rich Homie desires his child to get section of his lifestyle, he desires to check out him grow when he says, “Head to college or university, feel one and sign up for college or university child”.

More youthful Thug conveys his inability to form very long relationships, within his typical harsh ways

Loneliness is the factor in several things while in the Cowboy Bebop. Habits for example Spike’s a lot of tobacco stem from becoming alone. Usually only sitting in the a seat by yourself watching out a windows or just observing the ground when he cigarettes his smoking. Faye and additionally set up a sequence regarding bad activities to help ease the girl trouble. Smoking, gambling, sipping and you will sleeping are typical things Faye looked to. Young Thug about song, “Givenchy” states plenty of crappy activities that happen to be detrimental to your within his lifestyle. “To your campus with quite a few pounds got knocked outta college or university” and you can, “Medication dont stop you know I am unable to end”. Pills are extremely a corner of Younger Thug’s existence and even in the event the guy wanted to end the guy wouldn’t be capable.

Various other motif in the Cowboy Bebop is the notion of existentialism. Existentialism are a concept in which people faith it select its individual road and generally are not restricted of the fate. Into the Cowboy Bebop Spike try wanting to alter their destiny one however at some point pass away, whenever you are Faye and you can Jet were trying to contrary the point that they were destined to finish by yourself. Steeped Homie Quan toward, “Hate I” actually starts to believe that his fate comparable to Spike’s is always to pass away. Which leads him in order to plea and you will frantically croon, “I recently wish to real time, try not to provide no f**k who We kill”. Rich Homie Quan feels he could be destined to pass away, but he could be happy to need his future for the his own hand and do just about anything he’s doing in order to survive.